Saturday, July 31, 2010


Thursday was the last day of school. As usual, I can not find words to totally paint the picture so you can know what it was like here but have chosen pictures that may give you a hint of what it was like having 400 (luckily, half of the students did not come to school)being able to do what ever they wanted while the teachers finished their year end duties. As is common here there was a glitch, not enough report cards sent to the school. YIKES!!!
I ended the day with a headache from the noise and confusion. However, as I look the pictures I took, I notice the joy and pride all of these children have even though they really do not have any material things. If we can give them an education (and health care) maybe they can give us the understanding of what is really important as we live our lives..

Some random pictures of children that make me smile:

These young ladies dressed up in Sunday clothes to celebrate.

The teacher and older student football (soccer) match on the beach behind the school.

Snack vendors going to the game to sell their fast food snacks--oranges, bananas, peanuts.

For some of us the library was the safest and most quiet space in the school. It has quickly become an enjoyable space.

Children sound asleep, head down on a desk and enough noise to break ear drums or at least give you a pretty bad headache. The next room show what happens when children do not have a proper playground, they stack desks and climb all over them, Teenage girls being cool (earphones not plugged in to anything!)

I wonder if this young man will grow up to be a famous movie maker (hopefully using a camera instead of the juice box) or did the volunteers just always have the camera going??

Another school year ended. Not every one feels the same. I wonder what the goat is feeling?

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