Sunday, July 4, 2010

Four Weeks finished, Six to go, will it be enough time?

In many ways I feel as I just arrived and then it also feels like I have been here forever. I feel as I have not accomplished much but then look backwards and see lots. Very weird, very surreal, but I love it.

Solo had his interview this week to see if he will be admitted to Teacher Training School. I am hoping for him on one hand but on the other he is so great running the Library ....

Watching the teachers shop for shoes, in the school yard, out of the back of a hatch back cab, still makes me grin on so many levels!

Even though it was sad that the Black Stars lost in the football match for the semifinals in the World Cup I had a very enjoyable Saturday. First, I won a disagreement with MTN (phone and Internet) about what it means when you run an ad that says 2.5g data for 60GHC and then sell 1.5G data for 60GHC. (I got the 1G missing data time credited to my account) and then 4 of our favorite scholarship students past and present, joined me at the Library and painted words on the walls and entertained me with their bantering back and forth.

It is great to have so many volunteers here. It adds so much. Giving so many children a bit of special attention that they so desperately need. Three of the original 5 have left but 4 came last week and 6 are arriving today so next week should be a great one for the children.

The rains have subsided and we have only had a few showers this week. Thursday was a holiday, Republic day. Tuesdays starts Bakatue, fishing festival here in Elmina. Chief processions, a Regatta, no school and LOTS OF PARTYING! Should be fun!

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Weir On The Go said...

Hi Kathy! The pictures are great! I love keeping up with your doings this way, and on FB. All is well here, hot as, well, okay, not as hot as there, I'm sure! Keep up the great work. Love, Terri