Sunday, February 6, 2011

Returning to Elmina

  I was glad to return to Ghana on Jan 20.  While I did not miss all of the snow, I missed this last round of storms. It is balmy 33c (91f) here today. I was chilled the other night as the temperature plummeted to 80f.

SABRE's in-country director had been living with his family in half of the SABRE office but has moved his wife and 4 young children to a separate house very near the office.  Great news for me as I now have a great room right at the SABRE office  (Tomorrow's Stars partner in Ghana), where it is very easy to get anywhere in Elmina. and very near a wonderful restaurant where the meals are full of vegetables and the best food I have had for only around $3!!

I have been very busy this first couple of weeks greeting all of my friends and checking out projects.  I do not think I have even seen everyone yet.  I am sure I will not get to all I had hoped on this trip which will end in the middle of March but I should be able to get a good idea of what I want to do in June when I return for my next long stay.

The sod cutting ceremony at Ayensudo Kindergarten Building.

Kindergarten Children at Ayensudo
Joe and Lawerence at Ayensudo site

Library Project at Bantuma School

Scholarship Students at Edinaman High School

Meeting the new headmaster in his office.  Meeting Mr Adams, the Bursar, and discuss the student account payments.  Students patiently waiting to meet with me to discuss grades.

Sports day at Edinaman High School

Important people spot, the student cheering section The new sports field right at the High School and the winning team.

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Jim Greenwood said...

Hey there from the USA. Glad to hear you have hit the ground running. Good food with lots of veggies for $3...that sounds really appealing. You might alert your followers that you are blogging! I just happened to check in. Have a fun, productive stay. And back in June...yikes!