Saturday, July 24, 2010

ONLY 17 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!

These last two weeks have flown by. LOTS of things going on, not all with pictures. I am getting very involved with SABRE Trust and the district education office to actually implement the Kindergarten program that was introduced in 2007 but still not implemented as the resources, and training are not available to the majority of the school districts outside of the large cities.

Last weekend I went to Accra to pick up Sue, a volunteer from San Francisco who is a Elementary Special Ed teacher and Erin a teacher from Chicago that has been working with Sabre Trust since 2006. They have been a great help along with Linda a teacher from Ireland in trying to get a good workable "Road Map" for the way forward.

While some of us have been in a lot of meetings, many of the volunteers have been doing some great things at the school. On Friday we had the first KG sports day. It was great. A teacher said to me "you have brought so much fun to our school" I hope the kids think so too!

I have pictures below. I can not figure how to do a better job getting them in order so they are a little backwards on the time line.

The whole school and parents came to watch the Kindergarten children in a sack race, carry the lime on a spoon race, carry a bucket of water on your head rely race, and for a grand finale, the teachers played musical chairs.

One day after school, a few snaps of random goings on, from trying to keep warm in the low 80's cold front, playing a game like tic-tac-toe that we would need a board for but here they scratch the "board" on the sidewalk and get to playing with a small stones and small pieces of wood, and children doing anything to get me to take a picture of them.

These little girls from Nursery class sang a song after I took this picture, and I did a movie of them singing the cutest thing ever or so I thought until I played it back for them on the little camera and they got to see themselves singing. Sorry I am the only one that will have that memory. We also touched up the computer picture that was painted on the wall by some great volunteers. and we have finished the "lab"

Bantama School needs 3 more classrooms for grades 7-8-9 so they do not have to do shifts. The children are carrying sand so blocks can be made to start the building. Of course the government will take forever to get money for a building so Tomorrow's Stars may help to get them started.
I have a great little video of the kids that I will upload when I get home.

The painting angels came again this week. They are the great people that are taking a month long tour of western Africa and stop to do some projects along the way. This time they painted class 1, 2, 3 of the old block of classes.

I am having the time of my life. I am so thankful that I decided to stay for this long time. I know I will not be ready to return home in 17 days but I am already thinking about coming again, maybe for the winter! I do Hate the snow!

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