Sunday, June 13, 2010

First week in Elmina

Well I have been here a week. I can hardly remember the LONG journey here. As usual, I feel like I belong here.
It was a hectic week. I arrived on Sunday evening and bright and early Monday, I had to meet the 5 Sabre volunteers that would be working with me at Bantuma government school down the road from Christ Cares. It has 800 students. Many of them do not speak English at all, even as old as grade 3 they have a hard time, so needless to say they are having a hard time reading.

The Library is looking great! It is a dream come true for me. To see the two boys laying around with books reading brought a tear to my eyes.

Solo has done a great job for Tomorrow's Stars with this library project. He has grown leaps and bounds this year. He has applied to teacher's training college and I expect him to be accepted. I think he will be a great teacher.
What I really hope to accomplish with this trip is to have the teachers start to see how the "new" methods can work and the children will be easier to teach and then there jobs will be easier and not harder. That with the little they have here, things can still be fun. We made name crowns one day and it only took 1/2 sheet of paper for each hat! and some of the kids are still wearing them!
I must be off, the "match" (World Cup) will start soon and I think that if I don't watch I will be deported!
Till next week.....
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