Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just another day

The Internet connection is very spotty. Luckily I had saved in the middle of the last post or all would have been lost. I have not figured out how to work off line or even if it is possible so I have started doing everything in word and then copying and pasting into the mail or blog. I also have outlook on this computer but cannot figure out how to hook it into yahoo. I am using for my email as AOL is a pain. Also, I have not figured out how to respond to the comments as I loose connection so easily but enjoy reading them.

It is sunny again today and so HOT. I really have a hard time understanding how any one does anything in this heat but they do. As I said before the school yard becomes a lake when it rains. So we wondered if we could put some fill to even out the area and then plant some grass. The headmaster said he could use some litrite(SP?) He thinks we need 10 truck loads of the stuff. He finds a guy who will charge $40 a load to dig it (no backhoes), put it into the truck, bring it to the school and dump it out where the children proceed to spread it around. They did 6 loads today running out of class each time the truck came to move the stuff. (I was hot and exhausted just watching them!!) They were having FUN. Anyone know what the litrite is?? The stuff that turns into SLICK RED GOO when it rains. Hopefully there are photo’s below.

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lawlibrarian said...

Did a quick Google search and found this using the spelling letrite..."Rain exploded into the now muddy letrite path outside the house, shooting particles of wet red earth onto the front patio"...does not really explain it but at least it is something