Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First 9 days in Ghana

I forget how hard everything is here. It takes about 20 minutes just to check email. That is if the server is working. It can take 10 minutes just to decide that there will be no email today. And yes, it is hot. This is the rainy season so we have some cloudy times during the day and it feels like heaven. The sun is so intense when it shines. I have been trying to pace myself for the long time ahead. Everything moves so slowly here. But I am adjusting

We spent last week checking on projects. Almost everything is going very well. We have retained almost all of our teachers at CCPS. 32 children have graduated and finished taking the BECE test. 7 of our scholarship students are almost done taking their final exams and will graduate from High School. The new roof on Sound Foundation looks great.

I have decided to hire Evelyn, one of our new HS graduates to be my voice as the small children really can not understand me very well as I speak too fast and a different kind of English than they do. Rudolph and Otoo are going to tutor the students in the first year of HS as they are finding Math and Science hard. Evelyn, Rudolph and Otoo will also be having classes for the “leavers” (they are the 9th graders who have taken the test and have nothing to do until the results come in September. Yes, September! And of course the 7 students that have graduated HS will not know how they have done until October) ..

George and I spent a very nice weekend not doing much work. . It was a holiday Monday so we had most of the day off and we just lazed around the pool. We are also taking time looking at the birds. George’s Mom got him a West African Bird Book so we can finally know what kinds of birds they are. Makes me wish I had a life list of birds.

I am not sure how often I will post here. I may feel like I have more time when George goes home. We will see.


wdhbarrie said...

Thanks for the update on your "first 9 days"----looking forward to further updates even if we have to wait until George leaves.

Bill & Labatt Ice

Weir On The Go said...

Glad to hear you are taking time to check out the birds! All is well here - looking forward to more posts from you!

ProjectTrainer said...

It is good to hear you are doing well. Life is good here in Pittsburgh - Abbee and I are having a great time - though we miss you! We are so proud.

Love, Liza

ShawnaPing said...

Great to hear how everything is going!! Can't wait for more, but I definitely understand that it takes awhile!!! Miss you! Send my love to everyone:)